Home School Art Class in Gallatin

$ 30.00

Are you looking to keep your child's creative sparks ignited while also maintaining their education routine?

Are they dying to express their artistic side but stuck within the same four walls all day, every day? Introduce them to the world of art and creativity in historic Gallatin off the square. Let The Artisan Hatchery in Gallatin, TN help you with your one stop shop for providing your homeschooler with an enriching and exciting art journey.

Get Inspired by Animals: Who doesn't love animals? Our 4 Week Animal Collage Homeschool Classes feature four unique animals – Penguin, Lion, Pig and Cow – that will inspire your student as they work on their collages. Whether it's the bright colors or textures, these animals will give them something to be proud of. 

Our 4 Week Animal Collage Homeschool Classes offer an interactive way for kids to hone their creative skills while learning the basics, from color theory to various painting techniques. 

Our classes provide a fun and safe learning environment to create beautiful artwork and small classes sizes of five to eight students.  

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