Supplies Not Included

  • Scissors
  • Paper towels
  • Water

Supplies Included

  • 8x10 canvas (1)
  • Vintage background papers
  • Craft paints (5)
  • Directions with link to video
  • Mod Podge glue (1)
  • Paint Brush (1)
  • Pencil (1)

Video and Directions


Arrange the vintage papers on the canvas without glue to place where you want them for the background. Take each piece of paper off one by one and apply glue on the canvas, then place the vintage paper on the glued canvas. Once down, put a top coat of glue on the paper to make a glue sandwich. Move to the next piece of paper until the entire canvas has been glued. Place to the side to dry.

Draw the Flowers

Take the 3 sheets of 6x6 pattern paper and turn one of them white side up to draw the flowers. Use a pencil to draw 5 different size circles within the 6x6 paper. Then draw smaller size circles in the center of the flowers from 1/4” to 1/2” in size. Draw different size and shapes for the petals in each of the larger circles starting at the center of the smaller circles. Make sure some petals are thicker/thinner and taller/shorter.

Cut Out Flowers

Take the 3 sheets of paper for the petals and hold them all together and start to cut out your petals. First, roughly cut out each flower so it is easier to handle. Second, hold all 3 sheets of paper together with one hand and cut the petals out. Once all flowers are cut out, take each petal and curl it around a pencil. Fluff each petal so it looks like a flower.

Glue the Flowers

 By now the background should be dry, position the cut out flowers in the middle of the canvas to visualize the layout of the bouquet. Arrange each flower close to one another to look like a bouquet. Each flower should have two layers of alternating papers. Once decided , glue each flower down only in the center of the flower so that the petals curl up. Make sure you make a glue sandwich only on the middle of the flowers.

Mix Paint

Take a paper plate and squeeze a nickle size drop of the primary colors Red, Blue, Yellow on the edge leaving a little room in between them. Then squeeze out a quarter size drop of white and only a little 1/4” drop of black on your paper plate. Mix two primary colors to make more colors.
Tip: Red + Yellow = Orange, Red + Blue = Purple, Blue + Yellow = Green
Tint: add white to any color to make it lighter.
Shade: add black to any color to make it darker.

Paint the Flowers

Paint your flower and background. If you want to see the paper more, use a mixture of half parts glue and half parts paint to make a transparent glaze for the flowers and background. Then embellish with tints and shades to add highlights to your flowers. Tip: The more glue added to the paint, the more transparent the color.

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