The 100 Day Project Day 20-40: Flowers, Challenges, and Lessons

Hey everyone! I’ve been diving deep into my 100 Day Project, and I’ve hit day 40! This leg of the journey has been a wild mix of colors, challenges, and tons of learning. Let’s chat about what these days looked like and what they taught me.

The Creative Hurdles

Finding enough time to paint every day was tougher than I expected, so I ended up painting in batches. I’ve been trying different things too, like focusing on one type of flower or limiting my color palette. It was a bit of a shake-up from my usual style, and honestly, it kept things exciting.

Community and Keeping My Focus

I’ve been keeping up with other artists doing their own 100 Day Challenges and it's inspiring! But I’ve learned to not compare my journey to theirs. It’s about what I create and put out there, even if not every piece is a winner (ahem, looking at you, painting #32!).

Trying New Things

I zoomed in on the details, which isn’t usually my thing, but I loved it! Using Inktense Pencils was a blast, and focusing more on irises—my least favorite flower to paint—actually turned out to be pretty cool. Also, holding a real poppy for the first time was eye-opening! They're way more delicate than they look, which was a fun challenge to capture in paint.


I’ve now passed where I stopped last time, and I’m not slowing down! Every day is a chance to grow a bit more, and each painting, good or bad, teaches me something new.

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