The 100 Day Project 2024

I've taken a leap into a world of petals and paints – I’m tackling The 100 Day Project with a twist all my own. Picture this: a hundred days dedicated to bringing a hundred flowers to life, each with its unique charm, right here on this blog. It’s not just an art project; it’s a journey of creativity, learning, and sharing.

Why flowers, you ask? Well, they’re just like us – diverse, beautiful in their way, and resilient. And the best part? They allow me to play with a rainbow of colors and mediums without boxing me into a corner. Whether it's a dainty watercolor, a bold acrylic, or anything in between, each piece is a step towards a more colorful world. So far, I’ve got 20 pieces twinkling in my garden of paper, and I’m buzzing to add more.

But here’s where it gets even more exciting – I want you to come along for the ride! Whether you’re a seasoned artist or someone who just loves a bit of doodling, why not dive into your creative pool? Pick up your brush, your pen, or your knitting needles, and let’s make something beautiful together. Use the hashtag #the100dayproject to share your creations, and don’t forget to pop back to this page to see the latest blooms from my studio.

I Have Done This Before!

I’ve embarked on this adventure before, once making it to day 40 before life’s whirlwind took over. But this time, I’m armed with determination, a plan, and, most importantly, the support of this incredible community. I’m documenting each flower’s birth on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, turning my process into bite-sized, shareable moments of inspiration.

What to Expect

So, why not bookmark this page? I’ll be updating it with every flower I paint, sharing bits of the joy, challenges, and surprises I encounter along the way. And I would love to see your garden of creations, too. Let’s inspire each other with every brushstroke and every petal.

This project is more than just creating art; it’s about finding joy in the process, the mess, and the unexpected turns. It’s about celebrating every day with a splash of color and a dash of imagination. So, let’s get our hands dirty (literally) and fill this blog with a floral frenzy that’ll make us all proud.