3D Mixed Media Flower Class

Supplies Not Included

  • Scissors
  • Aluminum foil
  • Paper towels
  • Water

Supplies Included

  • 6x6 canvas (1)
  • 6x6 background paper (1)
  • 6x6 pattern paper for petals (2)
  • Brown paper (1)
  • Craft paints (4)
  • Mod Podge glue (1)
  • Paint Brush (1)
  • Pencil (1)

Video and Directions

Prepare Canvas

Draw a 3” circle and then a smaller 2” circle on the background with a pencil. Glue the one 6x6 you want for the background down on the 6x6 canvas making a glue sandwich. Apply glue on the canvas and then place the 6x6 pattern paper on the glued canvas. Once down put a top coat of glue on the paper to make a glue sandwich. Move to the side to dry.

Glue Cinnamon Bun

Take the brown paper and twist it into a long snake like tight rope. Twist it into a 2-3” cinnamon bun shape and as tight as possible. Use aluminum foil to help prevent the brown cinnamon bun from sticking to the surface while gluing the brown rope making sure it sticks together tightly. Once it is a tightly wound and glued, move it over to the side to let it dry a little on the aluminum foil.

Cut Out Petals

Take the two sheets of the paper for the petals and fold them together in half with the white side out. Draw on the folded paper with your pencil 6 equal parts. Draw footballs in each of the parts touching each of the outside edges of the paper. Cut out the footballs together to equal 24 petals. Take each petal and curl it around a pencil but leave a little at the end. Fluff each petal curl out so it looks like a petal.

Arrange Petals

 Lightly arrange 12 of the petals in a circle touching the edge of the 6x6 canvas to practice where each petal will be placed. Glue 12 of the petals with the tip of petal down repeating the glue sandwich only on the tip of the petal. Be sure to evenly distribute the petals all-round in a circle. Repeat with the next 12 petals in-between and closer to the 2” circle inside of the outer petals.

Glue Center

Take the brown glued cinnamon bun center and glue it down in the middle of the petals. Make a glue sandwich of the brown cinnamon bun center to make sure it sticks down. Use more glue if needed.

Paint Petals

Paint your flower and background. Use a mixture of half parts glue and half parts paint to make a transparent glaze to paint your petals and background. Then embellish your sides and let dry.

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