- Payment is required prior to starting work on designs.
- Payment in full is due within three days after customer commits to buy a design. 
Refunds and Exchanges
- If you are not happy with your design for some reason, refunds are issued according to the following guidelines:
- Full refunds are available before the delivery of the first draft of your designs/illustrations
- Partial refunds of 50% are available after the delivery of the first logo design draft and 50% for illustration sketch, and before any revisions are made. Upon cancelling the design project, I reserve the rights to all designs I presented
- No refunds are available after requesting design revisions/approving a design
- Refunds are not offered after 60 days of the project start date
Additional Policies and FAQs
- I offer discounted prices on design items that are ordered at the same time as the logo design. In those cases, I create a package custom listing for both the logo design and the other design items , and the package price reflects the discount. The discount will not apply if the design items are ordered at a later date.
- All design materials that I provide quotes for are per one piece of design in one size. If you want the same design, but with different sizes and/or different information, there will be an additional charge.
- When it comes to design materials that include text, please note that I simply copy and paste what you write for these materials from your email/pdf file. I do not type any text myself. Please make sure to send me everything written in a way I can copy it and paste it.
- It is your responsibility to proofread and make sure that all the information on your designs is correct and how you exactly want it. 
- I send all design files in a PDF format so please view the design in Acrobat Reader on your computer, NOT your email preview mode or on your smart phone or iPad as the designs WILL look different. Also be sure to print your designs before you ask me to finalize them. You may like a design on a computer screen, but it may not work for you in printed form. There will be a fee for making any changes to your design files after my delivery of the finalized version.
- As for illustration orders, I provide three revisions of the sketch in case you do not like the first sketch. If you want to request an additional sketch, there will be an additional fee of $25. I provide three free revisions to the illustration after a sketch is approved (the revisions then will be color-wise only). There will be an additional fee should you request changes other than to colors after you approve the sketch
- I provide a layered PSD file upon REQUEST. There will be an additional fee for layered PSD files
- Turnaround time for revisions is 2 - 3 business days
- If you have a rush project, please contact me for additional fees
- I consider the day of placing your order the first day of the design project. I am afraid that I can't reserve a date for you in my calendar until you make a payment. 
- Custom listings will be active for 72 hours. If a purchase is not made within that time frame, the listing will be taken down and a new start date will have to be negotiated. I will not hold start dates for custom listings beyond 72 hours after posting the listing.
- Please note that I prefer all communication with my clients to be in written form, via email or online conversations. That way, I can be sure that I know what my clients want, and I can refer back to what is written if I am in doubt. That is why I am not available for phone conversations.
- I don't copy other artists' work so please don't ask me to create a similar design or illustration to your favorite artist, because I will not do that
- All designs that are featured on my shop belong to past clients, and hence they own the copyrights to their own design. While I would be happy to follow the style of the designs you like in my shop, I will not copy them.
- Fonts/ Stock photos purchases are not included in the price of any of my custom designs. I do have a big database of fonts but if you have a particular font in mind, you may purchase it on your own and send it to me.
- Unless otherwise noted, not responding within 2 weeks of the delivery of your design(s) will push you to the end of the queue.
- Prices are subject to change without prior notification. Custom design quotes are valid for 2 weeks after I send them to customers. 
-Unless other arrangements are agreed upon, a project is considered abandoned if a design has not been finalized, and I have not heard from the customer in 6 months. I reserve the rights to all abandoned designs. If a customer wishes to resume a project after abandoning a design, a new deadline will be given and my current rates will then apply as well as additional late fees. I cannot guarantee that a customer can have the original (abandoned) designs if the customer wants to resume a project after abandoning a design.
- If you need to pause your project and resume at a later date, please do let me know. If the refund window has expired, you will get credit in my shop for one year after your project start date. Kindly note that the credits do not apply to a brand new logo if a logo or logos have been already delivered when you choose to pause your project. The credit will apply to branding materials only. Please be advised that if my prices change while a project is paused, all work will follow the new pricing when the project restarts.
- My responsibility is to submit professional designs to you in a timely manner as I promise. However, it is your responsibility to follow up with your projects after I deliver the designs to you. Should you want any changes made, please do contact me promptly with any request/changes/ and even complaints. I will do everything possible to make you happy and make the process easy and fun!
Thanks so much for taking time reading my shop policies.
Please contact me at meganbaileygill@gmail.com for any questions.